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Thugly Ducklings First Game Of 2017 SAVE THE DATE: SRD host a friendly Double Header, with SRD Womens taking on Roller Derby Leicester, and SRD Mens facing the Thugly Ducklings! Smashing! Timings for the day are as follows: 10:00 – 11:00: Set-up (Track Crew) 11:00: All others & skaters arrive, full set-up 12:15: Captains Meeting (All games) 12:30: Doors open […]

CO-ED Scrimmage 6th January 2017

To much turkey? To much booze? Not enough skating? Come scrim with the mighty LRT, co-ed scrimmage for only £5 each cash on the day. Must be minimum skills passed and please bring black + white numbered tops. Arrive a little early to kit up for 2100 start. Reff and NSO skills also welcome 😉 […]

Come train With LRT, 02 Dec 16

After our success at MEC 2016 bringing home bronze medals and placing us 3rd in Europe we can now offer the following event. Come train with LRT. This is a CO-ED event for minimum skills passed skaters to train with us as we train (if you have not passed minimum skills please ask 1st as […]


LRT Take 3rd Place at MEC

Saturday 12th November and Sunday 13th November  LRT traveled north the take part in Men’s European Championship (MEC) an epic weekend that see’s teams come together from across Europe to compete for European ranking.The weekend started with LRT taking on  Manneken Beasts after a great game we progressed to the next stage. On Sunday we […]

Duck Vine!

Duck Vine! [quicktime][/quicktime]