LRT Barcelona 2018

Congratulations and good luck to all the Ducks that made national squads for this years World Cup in Barcelona which starts tomorrow

Team England England Men’s Roller Derby
Tom A Hawke Banks
Daniel Toothill
Ethan Sullivan
John ‘Jerry Attric’ Kirkham

Team Scotland Power Of Scotland – Team Scotland Men’s Roller Derby
Luke Benson
David Smit Smith
Charles Eardley
Jamie Nosihctuh

Team Ireland Ireland Men’s Roller Derby
Daniel Fennell
Christopher Epic-Flail Cox

Team Poland Polish Eagles – Team Poland Men’s Roller Derby
Martin John Greenhough
Martin Eves

Its so close now, so to all of the Ducks that are making the trip to Barcelona we wish them all the BEST OF LUCK DUCKS!
We know you will all do us proud.