Thuglys First T2 Game

Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder kick off British Champs: Tier 2 Mens Roller Derby with a bang. First up is: Teeside Skate Invaders against Wirral Pack Animals, followed by LRT’s own Thugly Ducklings taking on Nottingham’s Super Smash Brollers. Who will draw the first blood in the fight for the British Championships T2 Title?


After the first day of the MRDA MEQ LRT scores on the doors. Game 1 Quad Guards 221 v LRT 97 And to finish off our Saturday, Lincolnshire over Tyne! What a cracker of a first day here in Toulouse! Tyne and Fear 131 v LRT 218 Well done to all that played especially to […]


Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder Takes the Win!

Yesterday Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder took on The Inhuman League in their T1 Game And after a great game LRT won a massive well done to all that played Unofficial final score 574-11 for LRT  Awards. Ned best take out Smit best blocker Saint best jammer MVP went to the tall blonde Tomahawk Photos to follow